Custom Work - Old

Feel free to reach out for custom work! Want an apron with funky pockets? Need an item of clothing you already own to get an upgrade? Your size isn't available in a piece you love? Let us know! With a 3-4 week turn around time, we can make you the perfect piece.

The best way to reach out for custom work is to e-mail

Image 1: Two custom bandana shirts made for a couple. Image 2: A linen baby blanket with satin binding and matching dinosaur attached. Image 3: Custom green linen kid's apron for a three year old.

Image 4: Vintage indigo dyed jacket (by the client) up-cycled with linen quilted side panels. Image 5: Re-worked button down shirt. The shirt was the client's grandfather's and the new floral fabric was a vintage sheet. Image 6: A custom tank and short set made from a thick cotton tablecloth.