About the Breed

owner of part-time poodle wearing linen pants with lemon pockets holding a vase of flowers
Part-time Poodle was started in 2020 after the Poodle-in-Charge, Lindsay, made too many garments for herself and wanted to expand her clientele. Dubbed a poodle in a turtleneck by friends years before and loving a little poodle sketch she once drew, the brand was born from this playful identity.
With our sewing, we want to make garments that make everyone feel as good as an exquisitely groomed poodle trotting on the Westminster Dog Show artificial lawn looks. Luckily for you, our garments gravitate more towards "wearing a blanket" and "dresses for handstands in the park.” Nonetheless, with the use of brightly colored linens and stunning vintage textiles, the garments make a statement like a poodle's fluffy ears or goofy hip puffs. (here’s a link to poodle grooming for your pleasure and reference!)
PTP is pro-frizz, pro-personality, and pro-color. We specialize in doing small ready-made collections online and selling at Pittsburgh markets. PTP uses secondhand fabrics ranging from tablecloths to yardage to sheets to curtains and beyond for our upcycled collections that may include button-down shirts, dresses, shorts, jackets, vests, etc. This segment of sewing produces one-of-a-kind pieces and uses mending, patching, and dyeing to bring old textiles back to life. We also source new linen to create our Juicy Collection which consists of wide-leg pants with large fruit pockets on the front but may include other pieces with the same idea like shorts and pillows.
There are many issues in the fashion industry including but not limited to worker's wages, more waste than you can imagine, hostile retail environments, and environmental poisoning. Shopping from smaller local businesses that are making efforts to use existing textiles and paying living wages to employees is a huge way to change the toxic cycle of fashion we have all been a part of for so long. You don't have to buy everything you own at a high ticket price from a small maker but I do hope everyone tries to think more about buying less and buying better.
Thank you for being here! Toot toot! Beep beep!

If you are disappointed you didn't get to learn about actual poodles, I suggest you check out the links below.